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TruAI is a comprehensive artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences solution that enables businesses to extract actionable intelligence from complex and high-volume data. With its advanced data mining, text analytics, and pattern recognition capabilities, TruAI empowers organizations to improve process efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and make informed decisions.

  • Information Mining: Speedy and precise data mining with multi-lingual text mining and rule-based mining.
  • Querying and Decision-Making: A data aggregation and query platform for collecting, validating, analyzing data, and making near real-time decisions.
  • Traceable Pattern Generation: Utilizes natural language processing, advanced text and data analytics, and stream analytics to detect patterns with high accuracy and relevance.
  • Data Extraction and Analysis: Enables information extraction for mining entity, event, topic models, key phrases, document scrutiny, and more, along with associations, relationships, and data indexing for uncovering deep patterns and building seamless archival-retrieval systems.

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