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Cost : Freemium AI Analysis is a powerful tool that harnesses the cutting-edge GPT-4 engine from OpenAI to provide comprehensive and in-depth stock evaluations. By analyzing vast amounts of financial data, news, analyst price targets, and proprietary technical and fundamental analysis, it offers users a transformative approach to stock analysis.

  • Advanced AI Analysis: Powered by the GPT-4 engine, it combines financial data, news, analyst targets, technical analysis, and fundamental data for comprehensive stock evaluations
  • Simple 3-Step Process: Users can analyze stocks effortlessly by selecting a ticker, clicking the “Generate” button, and receiving AI-generated analysis
  • 14-Day Trial: A trial subscription provides access to premium features like top BUY candidates, Golden Star Lists, auto portfolios, and more, along with a 14-day free trial period for AI Analysis
  • Enhanced Features: Unlock additional features such as Golden Star Lists, ad-free browsing, possible runners, Ultimate List Builder, auto-portfolios, and 2 credits per day for AI Analysis with a premium subscription

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