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PowerDMARC is an AI-powered email authentication SaaS platform that helps organizations protect their domain name, brand, and emails against spoofing, impersonation, ransomware, and other forms of unauthorized use. It offers simplified DMARC report data, advanced protection against email-based cyberattacks, customization options, and a comprehensive suite of hosted email security protocols.

  • Simplified DMARC report data: Gain clear insights into DMARC alignment, SPF, and DKIM alignment, and policy enforcement through a user-friendly dashboard
  • Advanced protection against email-based cyberattacks: Protect your organization’s reputation by mitigating risks associated with CEO fraud, fake invoices, login credential theft, selling illegal goods, spreading ransomware, and legal issues
  • Customization: Customize and personalize the platform according to your organization’s branding and look and feel
  • Hosted solutions: Benefit from hosted MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, BIMI, and SPF record flattening to enhance email deliverability, encryption, brand visibility, and domain protection

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