TMate AI

TMate AI

TMate is an AI-powered tool designed to empower product teams in extracting and analyzing vital insights from customer meetings, leading to a deeper understanding of customer needs and more informed product development decisions.

  • AI-Discovered Insights: Gain a comprehensive view of users’ pain points and most requested features through AI-identified trends and insights, providing data-backed evidence.
  • Synthesis Table: Uncover valuable patterns and easily find customer answers to key questions by utilizing the Synthesis Table, which saves time spent on tagging transcripts, collecting quotes, and sorting cards.
  • Capture and Summarize: Focus on the conversation while TMate captures, summarizes, and highlights important details from customer meetings, ensuring no valuable insight goes unnoticed.
  • Effortless Recording and Transcription: Save time and resources by letting TMate handle the heavy lifting, recording, transcribing, summarizing, and clipping important moments in customer meetings.

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