PDFgear Desktop incorporates an AI-powered chatbot that delivers responses akin to human-generated answers, ensuring precision and clarity. This feature enables users to effortlessly extract information and locate pertinent details within lengthy paragraphs present in PDF documents.

Key features of the AI-powered chatbot in PDFgear Desktop:

  1. Human-like Answers: Engage with the chatbot and receive answers that closely resemble responses from a human, guaranteeing accuracy and easy comprehension.
  2. Information Search in Long Paragraphs: Pose your query to the chatbot, and it will efficiently scan through extensive paragraphs to pinpoint the specific information you seek.
  3. Clickable Jump Links: Obtain answers with clickable jump links that directly lead you to the sources of information, enabling swift access to the referenced details.
  4. Chat History: The chat history is automatically stored, empowering users to conveniently track their recent conversations and revisit previous interactions for reference.

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