Plus AI for Google Slides

Plus AI for Google Slides
Cost : Freemium

Plus AI is an AI tool for Google Slides and Docs that enables users to effortlessly create custom presentations and embed snapshots of websites, apps, and dashboards into their documents. With Plus AI, users can automate tasks, save time, and enhance collaboration across various platforms.

Automated presentation generation: Generate presentation outlines and automatically create slides based on a short description
Embed snapshots in documents: Capture snapshots of websites, apps, or dashboards and seamlessly embed them in Google Docs and Slides
Wide range of use cases: Simplify team meetings, automate reporting, create no-code dashboards, and manage personal productivity
Integration with collaboration tools: Collaborate efficiently by embedding live snapshots in tools like Notion, Coda, Confluence, Canva, and setting up automated Slack subscriptions

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