Factiverse AI Editor

Factiverse AI Editor
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Factiverse AI Editor is an advanced machine learning tool that helps users analyze text and identify factual statements. With access to reputable news media and certified fact-checkers, it provides live sources that either support or dispute those statements, aiding users in their quest for accurate information.

  • Claim detection: Automatically identify and extract factual claims from text, enabling efficient fact-checking and evaluation of accuracy
  • Source discovery: Present an overview of relevant sources categorized as supporting, neutral, or disputing to help users assess the credibility of a claim
  • Wide language support: Analyze claims in English texts automatically and manually check claims in over 90 languages by highlighting the text and clicking the “Analyze” button
  • Continuous updates and real-time information: Access the latest information and sources in real time, with live searches in public databases such as Google, Bing, Wikidata, and Wikipedia

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