Libraria Chatbot

Libraria Chatbot

Libraria is a versatile AI chatbot builder that empowers users to create and embed custom GPT-4 and GPT 3.5 backed assistants as chatbots or widgets. With Libraria, users can easily train chatbots using their own data, access instant answers, and customize the chatbots to suit their specific needs.

  • Custom AI Assistant Creation: Create AI assistants/chatbots tailored to unique requirements for work, education, or personal use
  • Multiple Application Areas: Utilize Libraria for academics, authors, businesses, personal organization, character generation, and more
  • Data Import and Integration: Bulk Import documents, books, audio files, articles, websites, and PDFs to train your chatbot and integrate with platforms like Google Drive and Notion
  • Flexible Embedding and Customization: Embed assistants as chatbots or widgets, customize the appearance, prompts, integrations, and more to align with branding and preferences
    Languages: Over 100 language responses, and translations of up to 26 languages for fixed content like descriptions, placeholders, and suggestions

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