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Meet Wou.AI, your personal AI companion, designed to transform your browsing experience by empowering every text field with the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Say goodbye to constant tab-switching and endless copy-pasting – with Wou.AI, the power of AI is directly integrated into your browser.

Our innovative Chrome extension allows you to quickly compose emails, craft ads, and even revamp your website directly within platforms like WordPress or Shopify. With AI-generated suggestions, you can explore new ideas, enhance your grammar and punctuation, and communicate more effectively across various platforms.

Customize your AI output to complete tasks quicker with features like replacing the input field with the output when translating text, or integrating customizable keyboard commands for direct AI access.

Wou.AI comes with comprehensive multi-language functionality, so you can express yourself clearly no matter the language. And, with the Wou Unlimited plan, you get unlimited access to all these fantastic features.

Join the community of AI Enthusiasts and Professionals who trust Wou.AI for their daily AI needs. Whether you’re a newbie to AI or a professional relying on it to run your business, there’s a Wou.AI plan perfectly tailored for you. Download Wou.AI today and experience the future of browsing.

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