Text to Design AI for Figma

Text to Design AI for Figma

Text to Design is an AI-powered Figma plugin that revolutionizes the design process by transforming text descriptions into beautiful and functional design elements. With features like AI-powered design generation, seamless Figma integration, analyze and design modes, and fast and easy usability, users can create visually stunning designs in seconds.

  • AI-Powered Design Generation: Advanced AI algorithms generate custom design suggestions based on text input
  • Unlimited Design Possibilities: Create an infinite number of unique design elements, such as navigation bars, hero sections, and product cards, using text descriptions
  • Seamless Figma Integration: Import design suggestions directly into Figma projects, streamlining the design workflow
  • Analyze and Design Modes: Receive AI-driven suggestions for design elements and generate visually appealing designs based on text input

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