Sidekic AI

Sidekic AI
Cost : Freemium

SidekicAI is a cover letter generator powered by ChatGPT, designed to assist job seekers in creating customized cover letters quickly and easily, accelerating their job search process.

  • AI-powered cover letter generation: Input your existing cover letter and a few skills, and SidekicAI will generate an AI-modified cover letter tailored to each job you’re applying for.
  • Job-specific customization: SidekicAI utilizes the job description of the new job to create a personalized cover letter that highlights relevant skills and experiences.
  • Ongoing AI improvement: Constantly improving the AI capabilities and introducing new features to enhance the cover letter generation process.
  • Free to get started: Users can access SidekicAI for free, making it an accessible tool for job seekers.

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