Robofy is an AI-powered chatbot tool that enables users to create personalized chatbots for their websites without any coding required. With features like automatic chatbot training, customizable chatbot widgets, and multilingual support, Robofy streamlines customer support and enhances user engagement.

  • Automatic Chatbot Training: Train your chatbot by simply entering your website URL, and Robofy will fetch and analyze the content to create a bot tailored to your website.
  • Customizable Chatbot Widget: Customize the appearance and features of your chatbot widget, including colors, language, and positions, to seamlessly integrate with your website.
  • Automated 24×7 Support: Provide automated support to your customers round the clock, with the chatbot instantly responding to their queries and delivering a delightful experience.
  • Website Inbox: Access the Robofy Inbox to review all the responses provided by the chatbot, gaining insights into its performance and facilitating human-bot transfers for personalized interactions.

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