Rendition [Beta] is an AI assistant designed to streamline software development from designs. By using Rendition, designers can easily transform their Figma designs into high-quality Webflow sites and React components, simplifying the process of translating designs into code.

  • Figma to Webflow and React conversion: Seamlessly convert Figma designs into fully functional Webflow sites and React components with the help of Rendition’s AI assistant.
  • Build with ease: Launch the Rendition plugin in Figma, select the desired frame, and let Rendition handle the conversion process with just a few clicks.
  • Define grouping and structure: Use the Rendition builder to define grouping and HTML structure, ensuring the generated code aligns with the intended design.
  • Export and integrate: Copy the generated code directly into your Webflow project or bring it into your React project, facilitating the integration of design assets into the development workflow.

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