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Pixalto is an AI-powered photo enhancement app that empowers users to effortlessly improve their images. With features like background removal, image coloring, upscaling, face restoration, and face separation, Pixalto enables users to enhance their photos, create stunning visuals, and achieve professional-level results.

  • Background removal: Easily isolate the main subject of an image and place it on a transparent or customized background, saving time and effort in the photo editing process.
  • Image coloring: Convert any photo or image into a coloring page or Colorscape, allowing users to create PDF or hard copy coloring books for sharing and gifting.
  • Image upscaling: Transform low-resolution images into high-quality ones, making them visually appealing and suitable for various purposes, including sharing on platforms like WhatsApp.
  • Face restoration: Utilize advanced AI algorithms to enhance portraits by correcting blurriness, reducing noise, and improving facial features, resulting in polished and natural-looking images.
  • Face separation: Extract individual faces from group photos, enabling focused editing, blurring, or removal. This feature offers versatility in applications such as creating social media profile pictures or enhancing facial attributes.

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