Pi (Inflection AI)

Pi (Inflection AI)
Cost : Free

Inflection’s Pi is a personal AI designed to be supportive, smart, and always there for you. With Pi, you can have conversations about any topic, seek advice, find inspiration, work through decisions, and engage in casual chit-chat.

  • Versatile conversational AI: Engage in conversations about any topic, from general knowledge to personal relationships
  • Supportive and patient: Pi is there to help you process thoughts and feelings, express yourself, and work through tricky decisions
  • Creative and playful: Discover and explore new ideas with Pi, which is quick to make surprising connections and brings a sense of fun to the conversation
  • Constantly improving: While Pi is still in its early stages, it is eager to learn and improve, providing you with answers and ideas while encouraging you to double-check the information

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