MeetGeek serves as an AI meeting assistant that streamlines the entire meeting process by automating video recording, transcribing, summarizing, and sharing crucial takeaways from each session. By utilizing MeetGeek, users can fully engage in high-quality discussions while essential information is efficiently documented and readily accessible.

Key features of MeetGeek include:

  1. AI-generated meeting summaries: Receive automatically generated summaries for every meeting, eliminating the need to spend valuable time crafting follow-up notes.
  2. Capture and share meeting insights: Easily create highlights from lengthy meetings with a single click and conveniently share them with team members for improved collaboration.
  3. Searchable meeting notes: Store all meeting notes from platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Google in a unified and searchable location, simplifying the retrieval of past details when needed.
  4. Integration with collaboration tools: Seamlessly integrate MeetGeek with popular collaboration platforms like Notion, Trello, and Slack, facilitating the sharing of meeting recordings, summaries, and notes, thus fostering a collaborative workspace.

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