LivePerson Conversational Cloud®

LivePerson Conversational Cloud®
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LivePerson Conversational Cloud® is an AI tool that combines the power of a vast conversational dataset, decades of experience, and a commitment to trust to deliver safe and secure AI experiences for everyone. With features like no-code bot building, generative AI, responsible AI practices, and enterprise-level analytics, LivePerson empowers businesses to leverage the capabilities of AI in a responsible and impactful manner.

  • No-Code Bot Building: Build bots without coding using the Bella AI interface, streamlining the process of creating automated concierge services.
  • Generative AI: Safely harness large language models (LLMs) to automate conversations across voice and messaging channels, providing warm and natural interactions.
  • Responsible AI Practices: Partner with the founders of EqualAI to reduce bias and establish standards and certifications for responsible AI, ensuring fairness and ethical use.
  • Enterprise-Level Analytics: Access comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to gain actionable insights and make informed decisions based on conversational data.

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