Insight7 is an AI-powered customer insights repository that enables teams to unlock valuable insights from their data 10 times faster. By extracting themes, insights, and sentiment from various data sources, users can prioritize problems, understand customer pain points, and save hours of manual data analysis.

  • Data upload versatility: Easily upload data in the form of documents, audio, or video files, supporting formats such as docx, csv, pdf, mp3, and mp4
  • Automated insights extraction: AI-driven algorithms analyze the data to identify relevant patterns, insights, themes, and sentiment
  • Visualize and share: Receive a link to visualize and share the extracted insights, making it convenient to collaborate and present findings
  • Solutions for different roles: Tailored features for product managers, startup founders, researchers, and designers, providing instant answers, faster identification of pain points and desires, and visualization of opportunities and priorities

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