GRID is an AI-powered smart spreadsheet tool that revolutionizes the way teams work with numbers. With integrated AI formula assistance and interactive data visualization, GRID empowers users to build dynamic projections, visualize data, combine multiple sources, and embed their work in various platforms.

  • Smart spreadsheet surface: Sync and visualize data from spreadsheets and databases, leveraging familiar spreadsheet formulas and powerful integrations with Notion and Airtable.
  • Interactive data visualization: Build and narrate interactive projections, visualize data from tables, spreadsheets, or the web, and combine data from different sources into a single chart.
  • AI-powered formula assistance: Access the fully integrated AI Formula Assistant, powered by OpenAI, to instantly receive formula suggestions by describing the desired action in plain English.
  • Scenario analysis and sharing: Save and share specific configurations of documents quickly and securely, adjust assumptions with sliders and buttons, and explore multiple scenarios from a single spreadsheet model.

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