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GPTAnywhere is the ultimate desktop client for ChatGPT, powered by GPT-3.5, providing users with effortless and efficient communication capabilities. With features like offline access, native terminal commands, and seamless integration with Windows and Mac, GPTAnywhere enhances multitasking while ensuring lightning-fast responses and cost-efficiency.

  • 🤖 Easy one-click jailbreak with DAN: Effortlessly gain access to the full potential of ChatGPT with a simple one-click jailbreak using the DAN (Direct Access to Neural) system.
  • 💾 Access conversations offline: Stay connected with your ChatGPT conversations even when offline, enabling you to review and continue your discussions without internet connectivity.
  • 🦜️ Chat with documents in real-time: Use GPTAnywhere to chat and retrieve information from your local documents in real time
  • 📄 Support for Markdown formatting: Format your conversations using Markdown, making it easier to structure and organize your content with headings, lists, and more.

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