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Genie AI
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Genie AI is an AI-powered legal assistant that enables legal professionals to understand, customize, and negotiate legal documents easily. With a vast library of templates and AI-powered features, Genie AI can help lawyers draft contracts efficiently and accurately.

  • Large legal template library: Access a constantly updated library of over 3000 legal templates across all sectors and industries
  • AI-powered contract editor: Use Genie’s AI assistant to customize, review, and collaborate on legal documents, highlighting risks, summarizing obligations, and suggesting amendments
  • Privacy-focused platform: Genie AI maintains comprehensive, audited information security management systems and data sovereignty policies to ensure the privacy and security of user data
  • Multimodal AI features: Genie AI can perform a variety of AI-assisted tasks, such as highlighting unused definitions, suggesting alternative clauses, explaining complex clauses in simple terms, and providing risk analysis across the entire contract

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