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eBud is an AI assistant designed specifically for educators, empowering them to create engaging lessons, quizzes, and learning experiences with ease. With eBud, teachers can save time and enhance their teaching methods through AI-powered assistance.

  • Effortless Lesson Preparation: Prepare lessons and classes 10 times faster with eBud’s AI assistance, allowing teachers to select depth, assessment formats, and learning styles tailored to their students’ needs
  • Alignment with Teaching Standards: Integrate eBud with existing systems to align teaching standards such as Common Core or NGSS, ensuring educational objectives are met
  • Powerful Insights: Unlock the collective knowledge of the school community with eBud’s insights, leveraging AI automation to save time and enhance productivity
  • Secure and Privacy-Focused: eBud prioritizes safety, privacy, and security, providing best-in-class safeguards for user data

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