DocsBot is an AI-powered chatbot tool that allows users to create chatbots trained with their own content and documentation. With DocsBot, users can automate customer support, provide instant answers, and even generate high-quality content, all while saving time and improving the support experience.

  • Effortless Chatbot Creation: Build ChatGPT-powered chatbots trained with your own content and documentation to provide instant answers to customer questions
  • Interactive Q/A Bots: Make documentation interactive with question/answer bots that offer detailed and direct answers, including code examples and formatted output
  • Embeddable Widgets: Easily add DocsBot to websites with fully customizable widgets, making it seamless to integrate the chatbot into customer support
  • Custom Copywriting: Utilize a customized ChatGPT to generate high-quality marketing copy and blog posts that align with your product

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