CoverDesignAI is an AI-powered tool that provides authors and publishers with quick and easy design solutions for their book covers. It offers design inspiration tailored to specific book information, as well as Midjourney Prompts for creative exploration. With CoverDesignAI, users can generate unique book cover designs, customize existing designs, and create tailored images with text removed.

  • Design inspiration tailored to specific book information: Generate design ideas based on book title, genre, emotions, elements, and layout/scene
  • Midjourney Prompts for creative exploration: Create and customize Midjourney Prompts to explore creative ideas for book covers
  • Tailored images with text removed: Select the best images from Midjourney Prompts and remove any unwanted text from plain book covers
  • Commercial use: Use any images created on CoverDesignAI for commercial purposes, including marketing and cover art

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