Cape Privacy

Cape Privacy
Cost : Freemium

CapeChat is an AI tool that allows users to securely chat with their sensitive documents while preserving data privacy. Powered by the ChatGPT API, CapeChat automatically encrypts documents and redacts sensitive information, providing a secure and private communication environment.

  • Secure Document Chat: Engage in chat conversations with confidential documents, keeping sensitive data encrypted and secure.
  • Data Privacy: Automatically encrypt documents and redact sensitive information to ensure privacy while utilizing the power of the ChatGPT language model.
  • Secure Enclaves: Benefit from Cape’s secure enclaves, which provide a secure compute environment for building apps, protecting intellectual property, and securely processing sensitive data.
  • Industry Recognition: Cape Privacy has been recognized in industry reports and named as a finalist in the RSA Innovation Sandbox, showcasing its expertise in privacy-preserving technology.

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