Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI
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Arcwise AI is a copilot for Google Sheets, enabling users to instantly understand, clean, and ingest data with the power of AI. With upcoming GPT-4 integration, it offers advanced formula suggestions, sheet explanations, and the ability to interact with spreadsheets through natural language queries.

  • Chat-based Spreadsheet Interaction: Ask questions about your spreadsheet and receive instant responses, enabling a conversational approach to working with data
  • AI Formula Assistance: Get context-aware formula suggestions generated by AI, accompanied by relevant StackOverflow posts for further understanding
  • Data Cleaning and Extraction: Perform various data operations such as formatting dates, extracting text, summarizing responses, and scraping content from browser tabs into tables
  • Upcoming GPT-4 Integration: Experience 10x better formula suggestions and enhanced sheet explanations with the integration of GPT-4, offering advanced AI capabilities for Google Sheets

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