Ando AI is a powerful Figma plugin that utilizes the latest AI technology to generate a multitude of design ideas from prompts, shapes, and images. With its user-friendly interface, designers, marketers, and developers can easily access a vast array of professional-quality design inspirations and variations.

  • Design idea generation: Generate a wide range of design ideas directly within Figma by utilizing Ando’s AI algorithms that analyze prompts, shapes, and images to provide creative inspirations.
  • Seamless Figma integration: Access Ando’s design generation capabilities seamlessly within the Figma platform, allowing for a smooth workflow integration and enhanced creativity.
  • Detailed prompts and image analysis: Write precise and concise prompts, or utilize images as references, to guide Ando’s AI in generating custom-designed variations and inspirations.
  • User-friendly interface: With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, even individuals without a background in graphic design can leverage Ando to create professional-quality images and explore the possibilities of AI within Figma.

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