AI-Helper is a powerful AI tool that provides instant access to GPT-4 on any website, offering enhanced productivity and a wide range of capabilities. With AI-Helper, users can generate high-quality content, write code and Excel formulas, conduct research, summarize information, and more.

  • Productivity boost: Experience up to 3 times increased productivity with the ability to generate high-quality content, write code and Excel formulas, rewrite text, conduct research, and summarize information.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: AI-Helper works seamlessly with both macOS and Windows operating systems, providing a versatile solution for users on different platforms.
  • Easy setup and usage: Simply type “help:” followed by your query, ending with a semicolon, to start utilizing the AI capabilities of AI-Helper. No subscription is required, as it only requires a one-time purchase with free future updates.
  • Ownership and reselling: Gain full ownership and access to the source code, allowing users to modify, redistribute, or even resell the AI-Helper tool. This offers the opportunity to start their own AI startup.

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