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Trickle is an AI-driven workspace that seamlessly integrates notes, tasks, and knowledge base functionalities for individuals and teams. With Trickle, users can enhance their productivity, streamline collaboration, and tap into the power of GPT-4 to work smarter and more efficiently.

  • Customizable workspace: Build tailored roadmaps, tasks, and resource hubs to align with your specific needs
  • Efficient collaboration: Share beautiful notes, documents, and wikis with your team, keeping everyone on the same page and fostering focused conversations
  • AI-powered assistance: Access the AI assistant within Trickle to save time, improve writing speed, brainstorm ideas, and perform various tasks like translation, grammar/spelling fixing, and summarization
  • Future features: Anticipate upcoming enhancements such as a self-organizing workspace with long-term memory capabilities, contextual memory suggestions, and goal-oriented skills for enhanced task performance

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